(from Roanoke County PD) Officers with the Roanoke County Police Department responded to multiple 911 calls of 2 subjects shooting as well as two vehicles being rammed into each other in the 7200 block of South Barrens Road on 1/18/21 at approximately 1:20am. Upon arriving on scene and speaking with multiple subjects and witnesses officers arrested Alisha S. Cooper, 33 year old female of Roanoke City for 2 counts of attempted malicious wounding and possession of a firearm, ammunition by a convicted felon. Calvin Williams Jr, 38 year old male of Roanoke City, for attempted malicious wounding and possession of a firearms, ammunition by convicted felon. Cedell Allen, 37 year old female of Roanoke County, for assault and battery.

The Roanoke County Police Department was unable to locate firearms reportedly used in the commission of these crimes. The department attempted to locate the firearms with a police K9, multiple officers to searched the area and detectives canvased the area the next morning in more lighted conditions.

Due to the close proximity to a large number of citizens and children who reside at the Peters Creek Apartment Complex the Roanoke County PD would like the public to be aware of this information. Any dangerous weapons located by the public we ask the public to not touch them and to call 911 immediately.