(from Famous Anthony’s Facebook) MIRACLES HAPPEN!! We will be keeping the South West (Oak Grove Plaza) location open!!!
A million thank you’s to all of you!!
(previous post, which refers to the hepatitis outbreak that occurred there last summer and resulted in lawsuits and the local chain restaurant)
We will be closing our doors for good, at this location(Oak Grove Plaza), Sunday, February 12 at 3pm
We appreciate all the love and support you all have provided us over the years. Our relationships with you mean more to us than we could ever express.
It has not been an easy decision, but one we feel is necessary for us as we continue to rebuild our relationship with the community.
We are working with our team to find them new homes at our remaining locations. Our hope is to have the majority transfer to the Williamson Rd. location as we will be opening that location to normal full time hours starting February 20th.
You ALL are a part of our family and we will miss seeing you daily. We hope you will venture out and visit us at our other locations.