Committee appointed by the Roanoke City Council is recognizing community volunteers

Roanoke-LogoCommunity Volunteers are being recognized for their efforts to improve neighborhoods in the city with an award program being launched by the Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates. WFIR intern reporter Alexis Manley explains:

06-23 Neighbohood Awards Program Wrap #1-WEB


Additional details: read below.

There are eight (8) NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERSHIP AWARD categories as follows:
• Neighborhood-City Partnership Award – recognizing a City Department or employee who assisted and/or provided resources to a neighborhood organization on a project, program, or activity that improved/enhanced the neighborhood’s quality of life.

• Neighborhood-Community Partnership Award – for contributions made by a business, nonprofit, school and/or other institution to improve the surrounding neighborhood/community.

• Neighborhood Improvement Award – recognizing a project/activity that improves/enhances the neighborhood’s quality of life.

• Neighborhood Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award – for service to Roanoke’s neighborhoods.

• Neighborhood Youth Volunteer Award – for service to Roanoke’s neighborhoods.

• Neighborhood Communications Award – for excellence in getting the word out.

• Neighborhood Unsung Hero Award – for service to their neighborhood.

• Neighborhood All-Star Award – recognizing the exceptional accomplishments achieved by an eligible neighborhood organization for one or more of the following: Volunteer Leadership, Neighborhood Improvement, Neighborhood-Community Partnership, Neighborhood Communications, Neighborhood City Partnership and/or Neighborhood Youth Volunteer program or activity that improved/enhanced the neighborhood’s quality of life.

Additional information including an award nomination form is available on the Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates website by visiting www.roanokeva.ogv/rnaor by calling the Office of Neighborhood Services at 540-853-5210.

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