Brian W. Bowen, President

Integrity Financial Planning, Inc.

Impact Tax Group, LLC


Developing a sound retirement plan is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Brian Bowen loves putting puzzles together – the financial kind.

Brian’s financial career began in 1999 working for Conseco Finance, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and Farm Bureau Financial Services. He learned to listen to clients’ needs and developed creative solutions for income creation, growth, and the protection of retirement assets.  Soon, he became frustrated with the limited options he could offer his clients and knew he could do better for them, leading him to become an independent, comprehensive financial planner. Free of the constraints of a large corporation and its limited offerings, Brian can select from hundreds of products and services, and employ creative strategies to serve his clients. As a Registered Investment Advisor–a fiduciary–Brian has a moral and ethical obligation to work in the best interest of his clients.

Brian has categorized 7 areas that make up one’s financial picture. They are:

  • Investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning and charitable giving
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Insurance
  • Financial assistance to family and loved ones, and
  • Tax planning

Each category affects the others and all must be considered if an advisor is to produce the most advantageous financial plan for his clients. To properly address this, Integrity Financial Planning has expanded to become a “family office”, incorporating in-house professionals who provide one-stop services addressing all the above concerns.

Many of these questions are addressed on Brian’s weekly radio show Retire with Integrity. The program can be heard on the radio stations across the country. Find a station here or on our weekly podcast.


Brian lives in Virginia with his wife Sheri, their 6 children and Dakota, a Husky pup. He’s active in his church and enjoys boating on Smith Mountain Lake and being outdoors with his family. For more about how Brian can help you with your financial retirement needs, visit his website at

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