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With electronic cigarettes becoming increasingly popular, especially among teens, Virginia lawmakers are considering a proposal to establish a state tax on them, much like tobacco products. But  because any taxation falls under the budget umbrella, the General Assembly may postpone any action on it for a year. WFIR’s Evan Jones has more:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) – A high school student is suing school officials over a summer soccer practice after which, he says, he suffered heat stroke. The Daily Progress reported Monday that the Monticello High School student was a sophomore when he says he nearly died after a two-hour soccer practice designed to acclimate athletes to heat in July 2017. The lawsuit says the full sun heat index on a synthetic turf field would have been up to 139 degrees, characterized as “extreme danger.” The filing says the student was hospitalized after returning home, and diagnosed with exertional heat stroke. A press release from attorney Lloyd Snook says school officials failed to provide a trainer, cold water, shade or rest breaks. The lawsuit says the student suffered permanent injury. Albemarle County Public Schools hasn’t commented.