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The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is out with an enhanced interactive crash map that provides detailed traffic accident information for streets and highways across Virginia. DMV’s Melanie Stokes says you can drill down to the neighborhood level and find individual accident data, complete with photos of the areas where the accidents happened. The interactive crash map can be found here.

Virginia Department of HealthThe flu season is normally on its way out by late February, but this year, it really hasn’t even taken a foothold.  But as WFIR’s Steve Mabry reports, the flu might still make its rounds in coming weeks.

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The National D-Day Memorial turns its attention tonight to Jesse Owens — and how the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin fit into Hitler’s propaganda plan preceding World War Two.  WFIR’s Steve Mabry has the details.

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Tonight’s free program starts at 7:00 pm the Bedford Welcome Center,  adjacent to the Memorial.

Next Tuesday, Virginia will take the national stage as commonwealth residents vote in one of “Super Tuesday’s” Republican presidential primaries.  But the choice of candidates is limited, and write-in votes don’t work in Virginia primaries. WFIR’s Steve Mabry explains the process.

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A new report ranks Virginia sixteenth in the nation in the number of fatalities involving senior drivers, and AAA is taking steps to help seniors maintain their skills behind the wheel.  WFIR’s Steve Mabry has the details.

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With gas prices on the rise and the summer driving season still ahead, events across the country and across the globe can have an impact on what you will be paying at the pump.  WFIR’s Steve Mabry explains.

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Our warm winter may have you thinking about planting your spring flowers or summer fruits earlier than normal, but experts say that’s probably not a good idea. More from WFIR’s Steve Mabry.

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The law requires businesses to have a license in order to operate, and the deadline for applying for that license is just ahead. March 1st is the deadline for filing for a business license, the annual cost based on the previous year’s gross receipts. WFIR’s Steve Mabry reports.

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Animal control officers say purchasing pet ID tags is more than just the law — in many cases, they can help reunite pet and owner. WFIR’s Steve Mabry has the story.

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