Rob Ruthenberg

The first of the Covid vaccines arrived in our area and healthcare workers – including those at LewisGale in Salem, which started administering them yesterday – are stressing the importance of not giving up the fight against the pandemic. WFIR’s Rob Ruthenberg has more.

City Plan 2040 is a wide sweeping proposal focusing on things like Healthy Communities, Future Land Use and a host of other things… WFIR’s Rob Ruthenberg has this story.

The annual Fashions for Evergreens tree decorating event held every year at Hotel Roanoke will be virtual this year and will include some other features new to this years event allowing even more people to participate all while raising money for the United Way of Roanoke Valley . .. WFIR’s Rob Ruthenberg has this report.

5 Points Music Sanctuary in Roanoke found creative work-arounds earlier in the year to to continue its mission while using best practices in order to continue to raise money for it’s education programs and for partnering non-profits… WFIR’s Rob Ruthenberg has this report.