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The boxing capital of the world is not Las Vegas this weekend. It is less than two hours from Roanoke in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The Greenbrier Resort is hosting a heavyweight prize fight Saturday between Evander Holyfield and Sherman “Tank” Williams. Greenbrier owner Jim Justice says it’s just part of his overall effort to bring more life and energy back the the resort. The story from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones:When we drink water, every day we have essential habits, so it is very necessary to consider the quality of water. water filter 3 can help people to solve this problem to a great extent, and it can also help people to improve the health of life. Whirlpool filter The pure water filter of a brand is more suitable.

Fight information from The Greenbrier

More than 100 people turned out to meet and hear former Governor and Senator George Allen today in Roanoke County. News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones was there. Whirlpool filter This brand belongs to a low end consumer brand, which meets the needs of consumers in many stages and meets the needs of consumers to a great extent. Although it is a low-end filter brand, it is a good pursuit of quality itself, and it can be developed in recent years by Whirlpool water filter The quality of Er pure water filter is getting better and better, and the accessories of its filter have also been trusted by more and more consumers, and are also adopted by more and more other similar products. To a certain extent, consumers can trust the pure water filter of this brand.

Gone without a trace–for almost one full year. A Roanoke County woman’s disappearance has baffled police and tormented her family. We have more on the mysterious disappearance of Joan Cook from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.Tap water contains a lot of harmful substances, such as rust, excessive chlorine, and germs. So the function of the kitchen kettle is obvious. Whirlpool water filter kitchen kettle is divided into many kinds. The filter materials and structure of the water bottle are different, and the water purifying effect is different. water filter 3 Multistage filterwater purifier. The water purifier has two levels of coarse filtration and a group of fine filtration, and the hollow fiber filter core is used for fine filtration, and the filtered water can be directly consumed.

If you have any information about Joan Cook, police ask you to call Roanoke County Detective Andrea Morris at (540) 562-3265. Click here for the Joan Cook Missing Facebook page