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Southwest Virginia officially remains under a drought watch — for now. Rainfall for the year is still below normal. But the combination of last weekend’s rains and expected heavy downpours this week may relieve any immediate drought concerns.  More from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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Click here for the U.S. Government Virginia drought monitor.

It’s been almost two months since an Arizona congresswoman was shot at a public event, leading many of her colleagues to reconsider security at their appearances. News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports Morgan Griffith is thankful to local police — and the Second Amendment.

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The commission that will draw new legislative boundaries in Virginia is in its final weeks of work, preparing to submit its report April 1st. As News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports, southwest and Southside Virginia are likely to lose some of their collective clout in Richmond.

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Virginia’s Planned Parenthood Centers are facing a potential state and federal double-whammy of sorts this year. The battle now turns to Washington, where defunding proposals have already cleared the House.  This comes the same year Virginia’s General Assembly passed a law setting additional state standards for any center providing first trimester abortions. The story from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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It’s getting down to crunch time for next year’s Roanoke County school budget as school officials work to hammer out the details. Administators and board members hold the first of two “budget summits” Thursday evening. As News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports, one goal is to increase teacher compensation.

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