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Virginia Tech’s award-winning solar home is returning the Blacksburg. The groundbreaking home provides all amenities of a modern home without using any outside electricity. More on this story from WFIR’s Bob Clark.

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Roanoke’s Department of Economic Development will present two workshops Wednesday on how businesses can utilize the iPad.  Sandy Ratliff with the Virginia Department of Business Assistance will teach the workshops.  She says when it comes to apps, there’s pretty much something for everyone, and she plans to talk about them all.   Ratliff says the iPad has about 97% of the tablet market. Continue reading

Some Roanoke Valley residents are about to receive $50 prizes for recycling bottles and cans, either at curbside or at drop-off centers. It’s called “Recycle and Win”, a joint project of Coca Cola and Kroger. The sponsors say similar incentives in other cities have increased recycling rates up to 30% or more. WFIR’s Evan Jones has more on the local program.

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Roanoke County Police report 70 residential burglaries since late August, about double the number reported over the same period one year ago. Police say the burglaries have occurred throughout the county but are concentrated along the Electric Road corridor, especially in neighborhoods near Tanglewood Mall and Brambleton Road. Police say most have occurred during the daytime, and in many cases, the burglars knock out glass in a back door to break in.

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Officer Gayle Combs

Roanoke Police have quadrupled the number of motorcycle traffic enforcement units this month — from one to four. In recent months, Officer Gayle Combs  had served in that role by himself, making more Roanoke city traffic stops this year than anyone else. WFIR’s Evan Jones hit the roadways with Officer Combs, who shared how he patrols and what he looks for. (Continue reading for a list of the locations he patrols most frequently.)

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Congressman Bob Goodlatte says direct air service will continue between Roanoke and New York City if Delta and US Airways get federal approval to trade flight slots at New York and Washington. Goodlatte says Delta has informed him it intends to provide the direct service here if US Airways gives it up. Roanoke Regional Airport officials say “direct” will continue to mean “non-stop”, and if Delta does indeed take it over, the service will be provided in regional jets.

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State insurance regulators have approved the acquisition of Shenandoah Life Insurance to a Texas-based company, subject to approval by at least two-thirds of Shenandoah’s policy holders. Shenandoah has been under state receivership for almost three years, ever since stock losses tied to falling home prices left the company unable to continue. More from WFIR’s Evan Jones.
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