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Sheriff Chuck Wright

A South Carolina sheriff whose deputy was shot in the face says the suspect captured today in southwest Virginia has a lengthy criminal record and should not have been free to begin with. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says the justice system failed Deputy Brad James, and he called upon his county’s residents to arm and protect themselves. More on that from WFIR’s Evan Jones.

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(Continue reading for full information from both Carroll County, Virginia and Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

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Roanoke County wasted no time getting the word out on a new — and favorable — ranking. This one lists the county among smaller metro areas most likely to become the next Silicon Valley. BusinessInsider.com looked at things like broadband availability, a relatively healthy local economy, and the presence of  a nearby colleges or university in creating it list.More from WFIR’s Evan Jones.

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Now that the renovated Roanoke City Market Building is starting to fill up again, it has a full-time Building Director. Sara Guerry is no stranger to Roanoke: a Patrick Henry High school grad before going to Virginia Tech and embarking on a career in event planning and management. She’s wrapping her first week managing the City Market Building. And as WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, she wants to make the building more of a destination.
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The deadline for absentee voting in person for next week’s election is Saturday, so city and county registrars’ offices will be open both today and tomorrow. But as WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, not everyone who wants to vote early is permitted by law to do so.
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Click here for full State Board of Elections absentee voter information or continue reading for the qualifying reasons to vote early in person.

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A morning power outage disrupted Roanoke DMV operations, but the department says the office is once again able to handle all customer services.  The outage also knocked out power just as County Supervisor Butch Church was delivering his “State of the County” address at the Greenridge Recreation Center.  The center has been closed all day and is scheduled to open at 4:00 pm.

Hundreds of people will board passenger trains from Roanoke this coming weekend, excursions that also serve to help preserve and restore Roanoke’s rail history.  More from WFIR’s Evan Jones.

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A meeting date and place are now set for Shenandoah Life policyholders to vote on the company’s acquisition. Information and voting materials have been sent out in advance of the meeting; it is December 15th at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. And as WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, the prospective owners say they will keep the company based in Roanoke.

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Roanoke Police say they expect to arrest a lot of drug dealers soon, dealers they’ve been watching for months in one small neighborhood.  But what’s new this time is the option they’ll offer about one-third of them —  instead of a permanent record for a felony arrest. WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story.
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