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Aveion Lewis

The mother of Aveion Lewis must serve 40 years in prison for the death of her two-year-old son. Morgan Lockett could have received up to 50 years after entering no contest pleas in October to second degree murder and felony child abuse. Instead, she was sentenced to 40 years.  More from WFIR’s Evan Jones.

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Overall real estate property assessments have fallen for the first time in Roanoke history, and that means less money for city services and schools. City real estate officials told City Council yesterday that overall property values fell about 1.2%, and that will result in about $1 million less in revenue.

More than 18,000 notices went out in yesterday’s mail and should arrive today. If you do not receive one, it means there is no change for the property you own.

As the numbers were presented yesterday, City Council reaction dealt largely with different trends in different parts of the city. More from WFIR’s Evan Jones.

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Western VA Water Authority photo

Whatever else happens in the Roanoke Valley in 2012, this much appears certain: there will be no water restrictions, even if hot ,dry weather arrives early and prevails through the year. As WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, reservoir levels are unusually full, and water officials say supplies are already at levels sufficient to take us into early 2013 without any fear of restrictions.

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Roanoke County’s new library building which opens Tuesday morning is much bigger than the one it replaces — and an example of how libraries have changed in recent decades. County library officials say the old building on Electric Road became unable to handle the increased traffic over 40 years or adapt to changing needs and technology. As WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, the new one is designed to meet present-day needs the future ones that are not yet foreseen.

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The presidential primary season begins in earnest just five days from now when the Iowa caucuses kick things off next Tuesday. And a leading political pollster says what happens there and 11 in other states in the next two months is bound to have a significant impact on Virginia’s own Republican primary in March. More from WFIR’s Evan Jones.

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Roanoke Police hope a 16-month effort to eliminate drug dealing in a street sales hotspot sets a new model for reducing crime citywide. It’s called the “Drug Market Initiative,” and as WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, it does not follow police procedures that have been typical in the past.

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Chris Head

Delegate-elect Chris Head has just over two weeks left to prepare for his first General Assembly session. Head owns a small businesses, and so do many of his incoming freshman colleagues. As WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, Head believes they can make a difference in the way Richmond works.

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This is a quiet week in many workplaces, but not where they care for your dogs and cats. As WFIR’s Evan Jones reports, veteranarians are typically quite busy this week — often the result of holiday distractions.
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Congressman Morgan Griffith offers no apologies for his Republican House colleagues’ reluctance to vote on the Senate-passed two-month payroll tax cut extension. Late last night, a deal was reached on the matter.  A vote will likely come today.  WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story.

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Cody Journell (Blacksburg Police Photo)

Virginia Tech has indefinitely suspended placekicker Cody Journell after police charged him and two other men with breaking and entering. Police say all three face a felony breaking and entering count  because the incident involved alleged use of a dangerous weapon. More from WFIR’s Bob Clark.
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