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It may not be a scientific measure, but the Roanoke Valley SPCA believes the recession’s affects on many families are being felt more this year than the previous two or three. They’re seeing many more people bringing in family pets for adoption. More from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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The former Patrick Henry Hotel is now just one week away from its first public moment in its new form. A ribbon-cutting next Thursday will mark the building’s re-opening, and as News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports, restoration of the showpiece room is already complete.

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Vinton and Roanoke County are teaming to purchase downtown property for eventual construction of a new library. And as News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports, it’s viewed as a centerpiece for Vinton’s retail revitalization.

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Urgent notices of missing or abducted children will now be displayed in Virginia’s DMV offices. News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones has the story.

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“Eat for Education” is set to expire at the end of June next year. The two-year, 2% meals tax increase was enacted last year to help provide $8 million to Roanoke city schools over two years at a time of reduced state funding. City and school officials say the program’s first year has more than lived up to its promise, but as News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports, there’s little evident talk now of any new tax to take its place next year.

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Bedford Co. Sheriff's photo - June 2010

It’s been one year since Bedford County sheriff’s deputies found a goat bound and panting in a hot trunk, and from all appearances, the animal is none the worse for his experience. The latest on “Trunk” from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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