Evan Jones

There is a big day ahead at the former Patrick Henry Hotel.  A ribbon-cutting for the renovated building is scheduled this morning at 10:00, followed by an open house from 11:00 to 2:00. The first residents are expected to move in next month —  and so is the building’s first retail tenant. News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones has that side of the story.

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It’s been just over two weeks since Roanoke Valley libraries started offering electronic versions of many books, and the early results seem clear. As News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports, some of the e-books already have big backups.

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Summer officially arrives this afternoon, and if you’re wondering if it will be a hot one through August, the usual indicators do not paint a very clear answer. More from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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Roanoke Police say a woman was shot in the Valley View IHOP parking lot over the weekend. This marks at least four shootings in that particular spot over the last two years. More from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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State lawmakers are scheduled to return to Richmond one more time this year, this time to approve a Congressional redistricting plan. When they do, Roanoke will be at the center of a key redistricting question. News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones has the story.

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A House-Senate conference committee in Richmond must now work out a final Congressional redistricting plan for Virginia. And it’s clear that Democrats in the 9th District want to see Roanoke made part of it. More from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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