Kentucky Floods

Bob Clark

A Civitan grant has been awarded to a local Adult Care Center.  The Adult Care Center of the Roanoke Valley recently received a $10,480 grant from Chesapeake District Civitan International.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has details.

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The shuttle bus service that allows a connection to Amtrak in Lynchburg begins today. Called the Smart Way Connector, the bus will pick up riders at 5:50am at the Roanoke Civic Center parking lot C each morning and with a stop in Bedford will arrive in Lynchburg in time to catch the Amtrak train. News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has the details.

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Bring your entire family for a swim and a movie this Saturday Night at Roanoke’s Fallon Park. You can relax by the pool or in the pool and watch the movie Surfs UP.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has details.

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A study for the Roanoke Regional Partnership shows the Roanoke Region is in a good position for growth in outdoor related businesses. The report found the area ranked high in concentration of greenway trails, public recreational land and square footage of lakes.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has detals.

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The Roanoke Valley SPCA has enjoyed a really good year.  The SPCA has seen improvements in just about all they do, but their work is never done.  Spokesperson Kathy Perdue says volunteers are alway needed and donations are always appreciated.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark reports.

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A program that guards against car theft will be available tomorrow at the Target store on Valley View Blvd.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has details.

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Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown appeared before Congress yesterday.  Sheriff Brown was asked to testify on bill H.R 1981 protecting children from internet pornographers.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has details.

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Hot weather means many more people are heading to the pool these days. The story from News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark.

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The 2011 Salem Fair drew huge crowds once again. News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark reports.

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