Kentucky Floods

Bob Clark

High School football practice begins today across the region, and the continuing string of temperatures reaching the 90’s raises concerns over the athletes’ health. News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark reports on how Patrick Henry High School is handling the heat.

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Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest is hosting an open house for teachers.  The event next Tuesday is designed to showcase the educational programs for school students at Poplar Forest’s Hands-on History Center in Bedford County. News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has the story.

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Green retirement living is now available in the Roanoke Valley. Brandon Oaks is introducing “The Pines” with green features committed to health and the environment. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are planned at Brandon Oaks this Friday at 11:00 am and is open to the public.

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The Roanoke Valley needs a lot of rain to get near normal levels for the year.  As News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark reports, state forestry officials say this presents a greater threat of wild fires.

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Ridership is on the increase on the Star Line Trolley. It’s the service that connects downtown Roanoke Carilion Clinic and the new medical school. The story from News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark.

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A heat advisory is in effect today as temperatures approach 100 and the heat index climbs close to 109. There are ways you can and should protect yourself from this heat. News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark has more.

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As hot weather returns remember to protect your pets.  Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to upper 90’s this week. This kind of heat can pose a real problem for pets. Ten minutes in a hot vehicle could cause a heat stroke in cats and small dogs if left unattended.  News/Talk 960’s Bob Clark reports.

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